THIS BURNED for 36 MINUTES! – INSANE RESULTS – 27g Esbit VS 27g FireDragon Fuel Tablets

Survival Gear
The Differences between these two Fuels is INSANE!

This is an Episode of VS and today we have Esbit (Hexamine) going up against the FireDragon Tablet. Both of these are fuel tablets that have been adopted by military forces all around the world; they are used to heating up meals, boiling water and to get fires going.

When comparing these fuels to each other, my MIND WAS BLOWN! I never expected such performance…..from one of them!

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FireDragon Vs Esbit Fuel Tablets

What they are : Both of these are fuel tablets that have been adopted by military forces all around the world. They are used to heating up meals, boiling water and to get fires going.

Agenda Free Link FireDragon 27g Fuel :

Agenda Free Link Esbit 27g Fuel :

FireDragon 27g Tablets Price :
At the time of filming, $8.55 for 6 Tablets

Esbit 27g Tablets Price :
$12.99 for 8 Tablets

Claimed Heat FireDragon : I wasn’t able to find that information
Claimed Heat Esbit : 1300F at peak

Claimed Burn Time FireDragon : 7-8 Minutes
Actual Burn Time FireDragon :

Claimed Burn Time Esbit : 12 Minutes
Actual Burn Time Esbit :
: Notable Differences :
Esbit has a very strong odor; smells like shrimp and is so strong that you can smell it through the packaging.

FireDragon has a smell as well but it is more like an ethanol Alcohol smell.

FireDragon is non-toxic to burn and can be used inside of an enclosed space.

Hexamine is TOXIC and releases Cyanide.

FireDragon can be used as hand sanitizer

Fire Dragon is easy to ignite.

Hexamine takes more time to ignite.

FireDragon melts when ignited and fills the fuel chamber of stove being used.

Hexamine stays solid.

The flame to the FireDragon is extremely chaotic and can be rather dangerous; you really have to be careful using this product as it can shoot flames everywhere.

Hexamine is much more controlled when burning.
To get best performance from your stove and fuel :
Use a lid – When you heat water in an open pot, some of the energy that could be raising the temperature of the liquid escapes with the vapor. But as long as more energy is being added to the water than is being lost with the vapor, the temperature will continue to rise until the water boils. Covering the pot prevents water vapor from escaping, enabling the temperature to rise more quickly.

Set your stove up off of the ground as the surface that you place your stove on will pull a fair amount of heat away from the pot or cup that you are heating.

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