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Designed using the experiences of U.S. Special Forces veterans, BlackPoint Tactical holsters are made for comfortably concealing pistols in any environment.

BlackPoint Tactical is an established name in the holster world, and the company’s products have been praised for being very comfortable, concealable and compatible with several carrying styles. The company has 13 basic holster designs that are custom-made and molded to accommodate the most popular CCW pistol models. The company says they got started after analyzing several existing holsters and finding them all lacking in one way or another. Many new holster companies claim something similar, but few have the combined Special Forces experiences of BlackPoint Tactical employees.

As a testament to their quality, the company’s holsters are already in use by numerous law enforcement agencies around the country, and BlackPoint Tactical has established a partnership with SIG. With their holsters even seeing contemporary use by some U.S. Special Operations units, BlackPoint is clearly doing something right, but what exactly sets their holsters apart?

BlackPoint FO3 Light Mounted IWB holster.

BlackPoint Tactical Quality

Some other holster companies’ products prioritize versatility or modularity in an attempt to sell you one holster that does everything. The reality is that these usually fall short, proving true the principle that a jack of all trades will be a master of none. BlackPoint Tactical holsters take a different approach, however. Custom-made for each individual order, each BlackPoint holster was designed to do one thing and do it well. After selecting the options that best suit your specific gun and carry style, the holster you receive should be a guaranteed match right out of the box.

Using mostly Kydex, but some leather too, BlackPoint Tactical holsters are precision molded to fit your firearm, including any modifications such as mounted weapon lights. Most holster models include metal belt clips that feature cloth-grabbing tips too, and all screws come preinstalled with thread locker.

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Blackpoint Leather Wing
BlackPoint Leather WING OWB holster.

BlackPoint Holster Options

Besides BlackPoint’s wide selection of gun models to choose from, the custom nature of their holsters also allows for plenty of options for modifications as well. Most holsters can be ordered to fit guns with mounted lights, suppressor-height sights, red dot optics and threaded barrels. Besides that, one can also select the draw hand, belt loop style and even the color of the Kydex or leather.

BlackPoint has holster models intended for IWB, OWB and even chest carry available. Some models can also be ordered with a spare magazine pouch attached.

BlackPoint DualPoint
BlackPoint DualPoint Light Mounted AIWB holster.

Designed by guys who have really had to conceal pistols for a living, sometimes in non-permissive environments, it’s clear that BlackPoint Tactical has their CCW priorities straight. The company claims that their central operating principle is “If we build our products to hold up in the harsh combat environments of Mosul, they will work great on Main St.”, and so far, that seems to have proven true. Regardless of how you like to carry or how you have your gun set up, BlackPoint Tactical likely has something that will do you right.

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