Celtibero Survival Knife Review – A Gauntlet Review

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The Celtibero Survival Knife from CDS Survival is a “hand made” in Spain using a laser cut blade. For the first stop in The Gauntlet I put this knife through the basic tests I think a survival knife needs to pass.

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Here are the specs on this knife:
* Blade Length: 145 mm / 5,70 inches
*Handle Length: 275 mm / 10,82 inches
*Overall Length: 420 mm / 16,53 inches.
* Cocobolo wood handle
* Genuine leather sheath, Sharpener Stone and firesteel
* Made in Spain. Handmade knife with blade cut by laser.
* Stainless Steel Molybdenum-Vanadium 58 (MOVA-58)

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