Wisconsin: Committee Hearing Worshipper Protection & Frivolous Lawsuit Prevention Bills

Gun Rights

Tomorrow, the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety will hear Senate Bill 584, to improve the ability of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and their loved ones while worshipping; and Senate Bill 570, to protect Second Amendment rights from frivolous lawsuits. If you wish to find the time and location of the hearing, click here. Please contact committee members and ask them to SUPPORT SB 584 and SB 570.

Senate Bill 584 affirms that law-abiding adults with a license to carry firearms for self-defense may do so in places of worship, unless the property is specifically posted to prohibit carry. This ensures that such decisions involving security are left up to individual places of worship, rather than the government mandating a one-size-fits-all solution. So-called “gun-free zones” simply disarm law-abiding citizens and leave them defenseless against criminals who ignore arbitrary boundaries.

Senate Bill 570 protects firearm dealers, manufacturers, distributors, etc., from frivolous lawsuits for the criminal or unlawful use of their product. While federal law currently has this protection, as the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), President Biden has promised to repeal it as a main part of his assault on the Second Amendment. Prior to Congress passing PLCAA in 2005, 34 states passed similar laws on their own. In addition, Iowa passed such legislation earlier this year. With this bill, Wisconsin will add an additional layer of protection to prevent anti-gun extremists from attempting to bankrupt law-abiding businesses by suing them for the third party, criminal misuse of their legal products.

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Again, please contact committee members and ask them to SUPPORT SB 584 and SB 570.

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