Maine: NRA-Backed Sunday Hunting Bill to Receive Public Hearing

Gun Rights

On Wednesday, April 21, the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee is holding a public hearing on several Sunday hunting bills, including Legislative Document 1033, which would allow Sunday hunting on private property with written landowner permission. This bill creates more hunting opportunities for Maine sportsmen and women. Maine is just one of two states that does not allow any form of hunting on Sundays, due to an antiquated blue law left on the books.  Please act now and contact members of the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee and ask them to support NRA-backed LD 1033!

Legislative Document 1033 allows Sunday hunting on private property with written permission from the landowner.  Hunters provide millions of dollars to habitat restoration and conservation for healthy ecosystems throughout Maine.  Unfortunately, Maine hunters are prevented from introducing their family or friends to hunting because they are competing with organized sports and other activities on Saturday, which is often their only opportunity to hunt outside of the work week. Countless hunters stop hunting because of the lack of opportunity and accessible land, as well as time restrictions.  Providing an extra day in the field, especially on the weekend, would increase opportunities for those individuals to experience one of America’s oldest traditions, and increase hunter retention.

Again, please contact the members of the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee and ask them to SUPPORT Legislative Document 1033. ​

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