Luth-AR 20-Round Magazine: Get Your AR-10 Mag From an AR OG


When it comes to getting good gear, there’s nothing that replaces going to the source. In this case, we’re talking the original source. DPMS helped revolutionize the AR-15/10 market, and along the way it turned out a better magazine for large-frame AR-15 rifles. Now Randy Luth, founder of DPMS, via his current company Luth-AR, announces the Luth-AR 20-Round AR-10 magazine.

Luth-AR 20-Round AR-10 Magazine

This DPMS-style steel magazines comes with a manganese phosphate finish. A black plastic follower feeds the 20 rounds reliably. Meanwhile, a steel floor plate removes for easy cleaning. The new Luth-AR 20-rounder fits all DPMS Panther Arms LR Series rifles in .243, .260 and .308. It also works with other AR-10/.308-pattern lower receivers.

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Few individuals, if any, since Eugene Stoner himself have made a bigger impact on the AR-15 market than Randy Luth. After selling DPMS several years ago, Luth founded Luth-AR, specializing in supporting the rifle market with components and accessories. Now Luth-AR offers full lines of aftermarket components ranging from improving a single component to full rifle builds with everything but the lower receiver.

The Luth-AR 20-round magazine retails for $34.95. Due to high demand, Luth-AR will limit purchases to 10 magazines per order. For even more info, please visit

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