Local View: Stauber’s apparent treatment of his constituency must change

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I have my own personal experience with Stauber and his office. For more than two years, I tried to get assistance from them. I finally contacted 7th District Congressman Collin Peterson’s office with regard to the matter involving the Federal Communications Commission. Peterson’s office resolved the problem in two days, leaving me to wonder what Stauber and his office do all day — other than pestering Iron Range mayors to support President Donald Trump.

Many emails I’ve sent to Stauber’s office have either gone unanswered or prompted an automated response saying I’d receive a reply shortly — replies that never came. So I have to believe the letter writers who complain about their own lack of response from Stauber.

It’s interesting that Stauber was a police officer in Duluth. Had he not received responses from suspects, how would he have handled that? Would he have called those people “hostile witnesses?” Does that make Stauber a hostile witness when he refuses to respond to his constituents? Who pays his salary?

Now, to be clear, I have been a political advisor and consultant for about 45 years. Political pros of both stripes know who I am. Many still call on me for campaign advice, guidance, and support. While Stauber apparently has not felt the need to call on me, I do support many of the positions he supports.

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I do not, however, support many of the views cited in the recent assault of letters from Democrats in opposition to Stauber. They are wrong. They are imposing their will on their neighbors and verbally assaulting those who vote Republican, even when Republicans vote in favor of issues that generations of locals have supported, like copper-nickel mining, logging, personal and private constitutional gun rights, outboard motors, snowmobiles, ATVs, and opposition to murder-by-abortion.

Much of what we’re seeing in all these letters, I suspect, is the result of St. Paul native and Duluth Mayor Emily Larson and St. Louis County Commissioner Frank Jewell ginning up their bases to the detriment of our region. Stauber has earned their ire and disrespect. But we the people don’t deserve their ire and disrespect.

Stauber’s treatment of his constituency must change. Failing to do so would be reminiscent of the old Randy Travis country song that includes the lyrics, “Since my phone still ain’t ringin,’ I assume it still ain’t you. I’ll have a mind to take the time to find somebody new.”

It appears Stauber’s constituents may have already begun that search.

Jimmy Saranpaa of Orr is a former media director for the Boundary Waters Conservation Alliance, former Member of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, and a former member of the NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee) Gun Owners Task Force.

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