Winchester USA Ready Defense: Built for Conceal Carry Pistols


Winchester just announced the release of its newest defensive ammunition line, USA Ready Defense. The handgun ammo delivers stopping power, penetration and reliable expansion, designed for use in concealed carry pistols.

Winchester USA Ready Defense

The new ammunition features a distinctive HEX-VENT bullet design. Inside a jacketed hollow point cavity, the HEX-VENT rigid insert shields the hollow point from obstruction. It also channels material flow for positive expansion. The resulting bullet delivers highly consistent terminal performance, according to Winchester.

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In 9mm, a 124-grain bullet achieves 12 inches of penetration. Meanwhile, the bullet retains 95-percent weight retention. Winchester tested bullet performance through common concealed carry pistol platforms.

Interest in concealed carry continues to rise, with millions of first-time gun owners purchasing pistols in 2020. Further, the firearms industry continues turning out smaller, more effective concealed carry pistol designs. So new loads developed specifically for this class of pistols should prove attractive to gun owners. Winchester’s Ready Defense comes in 9mm Luger +P, .40 S&W and .45 Auto. For even more info, please visit

USA Ready Defense Specs

Caliber Bullet Weight Bullet Velocity Engery Box Size
9mm Luger +P 124 grain Hex-Vent 1,200 fps 396 ft.-lbs. 20 rounds
.40 S&W 170 grain HEX-VENT TBD TBD 20 rounds
.45 Auto 200 grain HEX-VENT 1,000 fps 444 ft.-lbs. 20 rounds
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